David Allan

David first learned to swing dance in 1999 while living in San Francisco. It was the tail end of the swing craze that had sweep the nation spurred on by the "Gap Commericals". At that time one could find a swing dance club to dance at everynight of the week. There was the "TheTop of the Mark", "The 920 Special" , "The Doghouse" "Broadway Studios", "The Star Light Room" "Lindy in the Park" "Jive at five" and on and on... they were my homes away from home... it was my life, dancing 5,6 nights a week.

With everyone into swing... there was a gathering of the best teachers in the country. In the swing world... all the famous teacher/dancers are simply known by their first names... Paul & Sharon, Steve & Heidi, Steven & Viginie, Rob & Diane, Kevin & Carla, Yval & Natalie etc. They were the best of the best... world class dancers and teachers.

I had the good fortune to have had all of them for teachers as I took classes and attended dance camps for over four years. However it was Paul Overton & Sharon Ashe, my first instructors that had the most profound effect on me. They were purists about about dance... they emphasized the "connection" between lead and follow. Having the proper connection was the foundation that enable a couple to dance well. It is this basic dance principle that I developed my own teaching style after. Build the strong connection foundation... and the steps learned later will fall into place, literally!

During this time while living in San Francisco I started "Swing Time Productions" which organized and promoted large swing dance events. While dancing at "Jacks Place" in New York one summer I discovered a wonderful, exciting swing band, "The City Rhythm Orchestra". The band leader "Pete Spina" agreed to fly his entire 14 piece band across the country to San Francisco to play for a dance I was organizing at the famous Oakland, venue... " Historic Sweets Ballroom".

In the 1920’s and 30’s... Sweets Ballroom was the home of all of the great big band era swing bands, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, etc... the dance floor is over 5000 sq. feet and could hold over 3000 dancers... those were the glory golden days of swing... and all that history lived on in the the walls and floor of Sweets. The evening of that event was one of my best dance experiences.

"The Russian Center" was another Classic historic ballroom. A couple years later City Rhythm returned to San Francisco for another Swing Time Productions event. That evening from New York... Yual Hod & Natalie Gomes... 7 time USA lindy champions, 3 time world champions flew in from New York and performed at the half time break... it was a glorious evening of swing... this was all I every wanted to do.

Judy Lance oversees the calendar of events for the Town Hall. I am especially grateful for her assistance in scheduling the beautiful Town Hall for teaching and holding dances.

Sara Hurburt

I am currently a social work major at UVM. I enjoy reading, sewing clothes, making jewelry, playing guitar, hiking, being outside in general, and baking vegan treats.

 I recently moved to Burlington from Italy, from New York, and I love all that Burlington has to offer (such as this awesome swing dance class). I love teaching and swing dancing so there really is no better job in the market out there for me. I have done most of my teaching as a volunteer in the Bronx and Westchester, but I have also been involved in local theater in rural new york as a directors assistant, and a production assistant.

 I am excited to be involved in green mountain swing dancing.! Hope to see you around!

Nicole Nice

My name is Nicole Nice and I have lived in Monkton, Vermont for just under a year. I relocated here from Oregon last fall, with my boyfriend and our young dog.

 I've always found joy in moving to a beat, but since learning how to dance, life has really improved. I was introduced to Lindy Hop shortly prior to moving out east and I am so excited for more opportunities to be had in the swing dance family.